Clipsvc ( Client License Service )

CLIPSVC is an abbreviation of Client License Service and it is used to provide a licensing support structure to Microsoft Store Applications. The Command-Line Interface provides services that are used by the Windows Store applications that run on Windows. These services include the local file system, file sharing, and security services (such as family safety). CLIPSVC also includes a secure container database service that manages each license purchased via the Microsoft store.

How to Disable Clipsvc? Disadvantages?

You can easily Disable or Stop Clipsvc Service. By some methods
See : How to stop ClipSVC . There are 2 methods to stop CliipSvc Service Permanently.

Disadvantages to Stop ClipSVC

The ClipSVC background service is a Windows 10 native service that is required for installing new apps or updating existing ones from the Microsoft Store. This service allows users to install, remove and update their apps from the Microsoft Store across their devices with ease.

How to Start the ClipSVC?

CLIPSVC can be integrated with all Windows Store applications. Just like other, third party software components, you must add this service in your application project by executing specific commands, depending on the programming language you've chosen to develop your app. So when you run your project, CLIPSVC will load.

You can easily Start ClipSVC Service by following this Webpage How to Start Clipsvc

Is Clipsvc Important

ClipSVC is a Client License Service process that is created by Microsoft Corporation in the operating system. If you use Windows 10, you may see it running in the Task Manager and wonder what is it and why do I need it? You can also find a similar program running on your Windows 7 or 8 computer. Are you using Client License Service? You can disable it and improve your computer's performance at the same time.
ClipSVC is a client license process that is created by Microsoft Corporation in Windows 10/8/7 operating system. It is an essential process for the operation of computer and make many applications work correctly, if it is not running correctly, many applications will not work correctly.

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