Vodafone Thought is offering additional versatile information on select prepaid designs to its endorsers. The deal is being called Information Pleasure, and the individuals who benefit it, are qualified for get 2GB of extra information from Vodafone Thought liberated from cost. 

This Information Pleasure proposition can profit on Vi Legend Limitless every day information packs that beginning from Rs. 299. This deal doesn't get applied naturally and clients need to physically actuate through the Vi versatile application. 

The Vi Legend Limitless plans additionally offer Gorge the entire evening' and end of the week information rollover benefits. 

The Vi Information Pleasure offer is live on the site and is relevant on prepaid plans evaluated at Rs. 299, Rs. 359, Rs. 399, Rs. 409, Rs. 475, Rs. 479, Rs. 501, Rs. 539,Rs. 599, Rs. 701, Rs. 719, Rs. 839, Rs. 901, Rs. 1,499, Rs. 2,899, and Rs. 3,099. 

These plans offer 2GB of extra backup information consistently at no additional expense. To profit this proposition, clients need to login to the Vi application or dial 121249. When the enrollment is finished, Vi will caution clients of actuation through a SMS message. The Information Joy benefit was first spotted by Telecom Talk. 

All Vi Saint Limitless plans additionally offer Gorge The entire Night' helps that permit clients to surf, stream, and use information from 12am to 6am without pack allowance. 

The weekend rollover benfit permits clients to aggregate unused day by day information amount from the work days and make it accessible on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Basic rupees. The 299 Vi Hero Unlimited plan provides truly unlimited calls, 1.5GB of daily data, 100 text messages per day, and a 28-day validity period. The validity period of the plan included in the Vi Hero Unlimited offer ranges from 28 to 365 days. 

The highest quality rupees. The 3,099 plan provides truly unlimited calls, 3GB of data per day, 100 SMS messages per day, and a 365-day validity period.

Vi as of late expanded costs of its prepaid plans by up to Rs. 500. Information top ups to limitless voice groups have seen a value climb. Indeed, even the base level Rs. 79 voice pack sees a climb of Rs. 20, and will be evaluated at Rs. 99.

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