A walk around the Green Park Stadium is an attack on your faculties. It hits the ears first. The perpetual screech of tires, the shriek of elastic horns, melodies belting from amplifiers in e-carts. Then, at that point, it strikes the eyes, the mob of shadings the fresh white shades of intricately beautified hawelis, the disintegrating mortar of houses uncovering earthy colored blocks, the close haggard red-bricked processes since quite a while ago shut, the earthy colored rust of screens. The smell from the waste disposal unit across the street, the scent of paan dissolving with the aroma from the bloom slows down. 

The area is frozen somewhere close to the at various times. Like the actual arena, neither too old-world nor too present day. The oddity is as articulated inside the arena. One half is roofed, stands decked with plastic seats, the other is revealed and without seats, and when the breeze hits, you could watch the poplar trees influencing, like out of resentment. 

Some dread innovation would obliterate the spirit of the arena as it did to Chepauk when the huge columns were wrecked, and its glad legacy would be lost until the end of time. The Green Park looks the age, however it makes no assumptions of blushful youth. Yet, it actually enjoys lounging in the radiant stories of its youth.Some others feel the spirit needs an alternate body and regularly hit an examination with the disintegrated Lal Imli building and the Elgin Mills, from where determines the name of the Mills End. 

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Its the conundrum of Green Park, it could be said its the Catch 22 of the city as well. 

The remainder of the state has been occupied with clearing out frontier and Mughal-time names, however not Kanpur. At any rate, a ton of old names are unblemished. Like the Carmac Street, or the Harcourt Butler Technical University, worked after one of towns British Governors, Spencer Harcourt Butler. 

Indeed, even the Green Park arena owesits name to Madam Green, who used to rehearse horse riding at the scene. A couple of meters from the arena is the Bob Woolmer Park, after the English cricketer who was brought into the world here. There is a ward in the medical clinic he was conceived named after him as well. 

Its this mystery that makes Green Park interesting as well. Furthermre, the narratives and narrators. It probably won't be the most excellent of scenes, or the most post-present day one around, or even the most pertinent one, however its tumultuous appeal is unrivaled. What local people call the rooh.

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