Mac on Wednesday said it will interestingly begin offering spare parts and devices to the overall population to play out their own fixes on some iPhone handsets and Macintosh PCs. 

Oneself Assistance Fix program comes following quite a while of strain from shopper bunches have brought about Apple giving more prominent admittance to fix manuals and authentic parts. 

In 2019, Apple began a program where free fix shops can purchase its parts, devices, and manuals. Apple said there are currently 2,800 autonomous shops in its program notwithstanding its 5,000 straightforwardly approved fix suppliers. 

Under Oneself Help program, Apple clients will actually want to purchase those parts straightforwardly to play out their own fixes subsequent to perusing a manual. Apple said the web-based store will begin with around 200 sections and devices pointed toward fixing the most well-known issues with showcases, batteries and cameras on iPhone 12 59,999 and 13 models. 

The program will ultimately reach out to Macintosh PCs that utilization Apple's M1 chip and later to more uncommon fixes. Clients will be offered similar evaluating on parts and devices as free fix shops and will actually want to return their pre-owned parts to Apple in the wake of finishing a maintenance to get a rebate. 

Apple said te program will start right on time one year from now in the US and extend to more nations later in the year.

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